This website documents the history and on-going restoration of the cockpit section of Hawker Hunter FGA.78 - QA12.


A landing accident when only a few months old, a partly detached hood while in-flight, almost shooting itself down and even being sent to war means that QA12's service life was not without drama!


QA12 began life in 1957 as N-222, a Hunter F Mk.6 in service with the Koninklijke Luchtmacht - Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu).

In 1969 the aircraft became part of one of the greatest export success stories the British aviation industry has ever seen. Refurbished and upgraded, F Mk.6 N-222 became FGA Mk.78 QA12 and began a new service life in the Middle East with the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF).


Retired from the QEAF in 1982, the aircraft was returned to the UK and by 1996 had become the undignified centrepiece of a children’s indoor playground.


Now rescued, QA12 is undergoing a painstakingly researched process which will see the cockpit section fully restored and returned to it’s QEAF desert camouflage colour scheme.



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