License Built Hunters


Photo: Hunter F.4s under construction by Fokker (Credit: Hawker Siddeley Review, March 1956)


In 1953, a license to build Hunters under the American off-shore purchase programme was granted to Holland and Belgium.


The plan established between Hawker Aircraft and the Dutch and Belgian governments was for two companies to be engaged on the project in Holland - Fokker and Aviolanda - and two in Belgium - Avions Fairey and S.A.B.C.A.


A total of 96 Hunter F.4s were built in Holland during 1955-56 and 112 in Belgium.


A further 93 Hunter F.6s were produced by Fokker-Aviolanda during 1956-58 and 144 by Avions Fairey and S.A.B.C.A.. Many of these F.6s were re-purchased by Hawker Siddeley Aviation from 1963 onwards for refurbishment and resale.         


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