Rocket Projectile Types


Hispano SURA R80 Rocket Projectiles

(Credit: QEAF)


The photo above shows the 80mm Hispano SURA R80 rocket projectile (RP) installation on Qatar Emiri Air Force Hunter FGA.78 QA10.


Up to 24 rockets could be carried, twelve on each outer wing in tiers of three on four RP launcher rails. When outboard pylons were fitted, as in the photo, the full set of 12 rockets could still be carried using a launcher rail adapter fitted to the pylon (see Figure 2 below).


Figure 1: SURA R80 rockets on post-mounted launch rails


Figure 2: SURA R80 rockets on pylon-mounted launcher rail adapter


The SURA R80 could be fitted with incendiary, splinter or hollow charge warheads. Dummy or practice heads could be used for training purposes. The rockets could be fired as a ripple or salvo in groups of 2, 4, 6 or 8 selectable from the cockpit.

Figure 3: SURA R80 rockets firing order


68mm SNEB Rocket Projectiles


68mm SNEB RPs could be carried in either of two types of launcher - the Type 116M and the Type 155 Matra pod. These could be carried on the inboard or outboard pylons within any stores configuration - drop tanks, bombs etc..


The Type 116M launcher was a lightly constructed, single use, pod with a frangible nose cone. It was loaded with 19 68mm SNEB RPs which were fired in a single 'rippled' 0.5 second salvo with a time interval of 33 milliseconds between each rocket.


The Type 155 Matra launcher was a reusable device constructed entirely of metal and with a fluted nose cone through which the RPs were fired. It was loaded with 18 68mm SNEB RPs which were preselected on the ground to fire either singly or as a rippled salvo of 18. When fired as a salvo, each rocket was separated by a time interval of 33 milliseconds.

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