G-9-284 Conversion to FGA Mark 78


Photo: Hunters for export to Qatar in the Hawker paint shop. T.79 trainer QA13 is in the foreground with QA12 at left rear (Credit: unknown)


Contract number HSAL/69/Q/083 was initiated by the Gulf state of Qatar in late 1969 prior to gaining independence from Britain in 1971. The order called for three single seat fighter/ground attack aircraft, plus one trainer.

The fighters were designated FGA Mark 78 by HSA and the trainer T.79.


A very particular avionics fit was specified for the aircraft and, in performing the conversion, Armstrong-Whitworth installed PTR.175 and PTR.170 V/UHF radios, a Collins VOR/ILS system and Marconi AD.370B radio compass.


As well as the basic gun armament of four 30mm Aden guns, provision was made for the carriage of 80mm Hispano SURA rocket projectiles (RPs) and 68mm SNEB RPs in Type 116M or Type 155 Matra launchers. Additionally, a wide range of alternative stores could be carried including 1,000lb HE bombs, 100 IG fire bombs and 25lb or 28lb practice bombs. Radar gun ranging, standard on most Hunters, was deleted. All four aircraft were also equipped for target towing.


The aircraft were painted in the desert camouflage scheme of Brown, Sand and Deep Sky Blue prior to delivery.


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