Parts restoration

In parallel with the work to re-join the cut fuselage sections of QA12, restoration work is being carried out on many of the instrument panels, cockpit shelves, fittings etc. in preparation for the time when they can be refitted in the cockpit.


Examples of these items are shown here.


Port Cockpit Shelf - Forward Portion

This cockpit shelf portion was fitted in the cockpit of QA12 when I received it. It was in a very dirty and battered state and most of it's fittings were missing. After cleaning the shelf I discovered that it was indeed the correct shelf for a Hunter FGA.78 - the markings on the interior of the shelf (see photo below) revealed that it was from aircraft no. G9-286 which was Hawker's Class B registration number for the Hunter which became QA10 in the Qatar Emiri Air Force.


The old paint was stripped, the shelf primed, repainted and new placards fitted. The correct replacement controls, switches and fittings were then installed and the shelf rewired where necessary. The fully restored shelf, ready for refitting in the cockpit, is shown below.

Note the blanking plate and rubber grommet covering the positions where the Gyro Gunsight Radar Ranging switch and Radar Supply Indicator doll's eye would normally be. Unlike many Hunters, the FGA.78 was not fitted with radar gun ranging so all related controls were removed.

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