QA12 Restoration begins,
Jan 2002



The photo above shows the cockpit section of QA12 safely removed and awaiting restoration. At this point the full scale of the task has become apparent!


The cockpit was stripped of all it's fittings (during spares recovery at Hurn), the forward nose sections have been de-rivetted and removed and the remainder has been cut horizontally and vertically into four quarters. This means that, aside from the substantial metalwork required to re-join the sections, virtually every instrument, bracket and fitting will have to be sourced and refurbished to complete the restoration. Luckily, in order to make the cockpit appear relatively complete while in it's previous role in the 'playground', it was fitted with an ejection seat and instrument panels. Sadly, many of these items are not of the correct type for a Hunter FGA.78, but will be suitable alternatives until original items can be obtained.

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